#ComedyBookWeek Banner Design Competition is open!

PLEASE NOTE: due to an illness, all CBW activities are temporarily suspended. I apologise for this inconvenience and will advise when everything is back on track as soon as possible (hopefully in 2-3 weeks).



As we are getting ready to open doors for the Winter 2017 #ComedyBookWeek, it’s time to spruce up our image. We were lucky with the last event to have Kirsty McManus, author of Zen Queen, volunteer her time and design skills to create the current banner.


By default, this banner is now the first entry in the design competition, winner of which will be judged by you, authors and bloggers. What will the winner receive?

  1. The fame of having designed the new image for an international event;
  2. Exposure during the competition, voting, and a dedicated post announcing the winner, which will be shared on social media to an estimated 500,000 followers (via shared author and blogger networks);
  3. $50USD prize;
  4. Ad banner of their choosing in side panel of this website from the day of award until the close of the next event on 22 January 2017.

Entries for the competition are open until 31 August 2016, 5.pm Central Time, but you can submit your design at any time – the images will be added to this post as they are submitted, in the order received. A new post with a voting poll will be posted on 1 September and will be open for votes for 1 week, until the winner is announced on 8 September.

Any designer is welcome to apply – please read carefully below for the details on how to submit your design for the competition:

  1. Design should reflect the nature of this event, which brings together authors, bloggers, and lovers of funny books. We are looking for clever, quirky, funny, bold, eye-catching, and stunning designs!
  2. Design image should include the following information (in any combination): #ComedyBookWeek; Winter 2017; 16-22 July; we take funny seriously.
  3. Design must be completed in one of the Adobe suite applications (Photoshop preferred), but submitted as JPEG (winner agrees to submit the design file – see disclaimer below).
  4.  JPEG size: 1188 × 240 pixels, high resolution. Canvas in your design file can be larger, as long as the same proportions are maintained.
  5. Email your submission to ana.spoke (AT) yahoo.com, including the following details about the designer (to be published alongside the submission):
    1. Designer’s name;
    2. Designer’s website: name and URL;
    3. Designer’s pitch (what is your specialty, what services do you offer, etc. This is your promotional opportunity).

Your submission will be added to this page along with your information and the link to your website – don’t miss this free promotional opportunity!

Disclaimer: by the virtue of submitting the design for this competition, the winner of this competition agrees to transfer ownership of the design and the origonal design file to #ComedyBookWeek for the sum of $50USD. #ComedyBookWeek reserves the right to alter design elements (event dates) and use the image or parts thereof in perpetuity to promote any future #ComedyBookWeek events. Other designers retain rights to their respective images, but agree to have their submissions used in social media promotion of the design competition.

CURRENT SUBMISSIONS (in the order received):

  1. Current banner by Kirsty McManus, author of Zen Queen.humor_book
  2. Design #1 by Bryan Caron of Phoenix Moirai. Phoenix Moirai is the creative genius behind all of your graphic design, writing and videography needs. Our specialty is in quality, stunning print design, but with over 12 years of experience in all creative mediums, we also offer services in website design, illustration, motion graphics, editing & promotional products with a focus on quality over quantity. No matter your creative endeavors, creation begins with Phoenix Moirai.CBW Banner_Bryan Caron (1)
  3. Design #2 by Bryan Caron of Phoenix MoiraiComicBookWeekBanner1

Congratulations to the winner of 2016 #ComedyBookWeek People’s Choice Award!

The results are in – please put your hands together for Pirate Patty of Books, Books and More Books, who will be taking home the last award of this year’s event, People’s Choice Best Book Review:

Best Review award

Pirate Patty was nominated by Portia Porter because “her reviews are intelligent, witty, to the point, elaborate and fast.” Mysterious Patty, known to us only by her gorgeous blonde hair, is a voracious reader of thrillers, mysteries, paranormal, and classics. Lucky for us, authors, she’s also a prolific reviewer – have a look on her website for her past reviews and TBR list.

On behalf of #ComedyBookWeek participating authors, I would like to once again thank all bloggers who have participated in this year’s event. It was a mad, exhilarating ride, and we look forward to an even bigger splash in January – the intake for authors will open in just a few days. Be on a lookout for the improved website, more streamlined submission process, more books, more awards, and more fun!

#ComedyBookWeek is changing for the better – we need your ideas!

Whew! How’s everyone feeling after that rollecoaster ride? Due to popular demand, #ComedyBookWeek is coming back sooner than originally planned – in January. It will be even better, but first, how about some stats on this first, inaugural event? This will become the benchmark to track the performance of the next event.

As you may already know, it was exactly 2 months between that first idea and post on KBorads, and the day 2016 #ComedyBookWeek went live on 16 July. So, how did we do, considering that there was no paid advertising for the event this time?

  1. Participating books: 117 and counting. The intake was finally closed during the event and a waiting list created instead of adding new books too late.
  2. Total of 72 book reviews, interviews, and guest posts took place across 28 platforms (blogs and Facebook).
  3. There has been 4,500+ views of the site since it’s launch in mid-June, barely in time for going live:Stats
  4. 2,654 clicks-through to Amazon have been generated.
  5. The site has over 52,000+ followers (although this is mostly due to my personal Twitter account).

This was a steep learning curve for everyone involved, most of all myself – I did not in my wildest dreams expect such a level of interest and enthusiasm! With almost six months until the next event, I’m committed to making it even bigger and better, and I need your help. Please let me know in the comments below what you think of the proposed changes, or if you have something else you’d like to see happen. Some of these came from the discussion board on Goodreads – we’d love for you to join the group there.

Here we go. Feel free to say yay or nay (as long as you explain why it’s a nay), or add your own ideas.

  1. Next event dates: Monday 16 January to Sunday 22 January. Some people mentioned December, but it appears that the holiday season is dead for book sales, as everyone is having too much fun. Also, I propose to make the event only 6 days, with Sunday being an Awards day. The reason for this is that I’d noticed “comedy fatigue” towards the end of the 8-day week.
  2. Daily Highlights. Since there are more submissions anticipated, I plan to split them into Morning and Evening editions if more than 10/day are submitted.
  3. Static landing page: the site already has one, with the focus on Participating Books. I plan to add one called “How It Works”, explaining exactly that.
  4. The event will continue to be free for everyone, however, to reward those that have worked the hardest to make it such a success, the books and blogs will be displayed according to a new Point System, where authors/bloggers with most points will be closest to the top of the list. Authors/bloggers will earn points as follows::
    1. Book review in PREVIOUS EVENT = 5 Points;
    2. Interview or guest post PREVIOUS EVENT= 1 Point;
    3. Donation: 1 Point per $1 USD. Each $25USD donation also earns a side banner (book link or image with link).
  5. Any donations above the cost of site maintenance ($150/year) will be used for paid ads to drive traffic to the site. I was thinking Twitter ads, but happy to hear your thoughts on this.
  6. Although not required, participating authors are encouraged to offer their books at a reduced price during the week.
  7. We will have a new banner, chosen via a competition, with a $50 prize. A separate post will be published next week, inviting graphic artists to submit their work. Once chosen, this will become a branding image for the site.
  8. More awards have been mentioned – please let me know your ideas!
  9. Authors having short bios on the site – up for discussion. I personally like the look of the covers alone on the landing page, as it’s condensed and colorful – I expect about 300 authors to participate, so with bios, it will be too much scrolling. However, there will be a separate post on participating author contact details (no more Dropbox), so that could be expanded.
  10. There was a suggestion to list 10 “most unusual” questions asked by authors, with all authors answering them on their blogs. We can do that based on the previous event’s interviews, but the only comment I have is that I personally would prefer to see more book reviews than interviews. Open for discussion.
  11. There will be a cut off date for submissions, let’s say about a week before the event. The timeline will be spelled out on “How it Works” page. Bloggers can set their own submission guidelines and cut off dates, depending on their schedules and capacity.
  12. This time, I will only accept an event (review, interview) submission with a scheduled URL for the review. Sorry, I’ve had way too many last-second requests for changes.
  13. I won’t be maintaining a list of books as “taken” for reviews – anyone can choose to review any book on the list. It will also motivate the authors to be more active, rather than “set it and forget it” approach. In addition, I’ve had to take two reviews off the list the last time, as the book reviewers emailed saying they will review a book and then disappeared.
  14. Blog structure will be (pages): Participating Books-Participating Blogs-How It Works-For Authors-For Bloggers-Blog. Author contacts will be in a blog post, with a link from the top of Participating Books. participating Bloggers will be displayed as banners, with the link from the image to the blog contact page.
  15. There could be regular “fun” blog posts highlighting something prior to the event, to help build buzz. Of course, for now there will be plenty of posts just explaining how it will work the next time!
  16. There will be a Facebook page dedicated to #CBW
  17. There will be a Twitter account dedicated to #CBW

Anything else?


Vote for the best 2016 #ComedyBookWeek Review!

Nominations for the People’s Choice award are in!

Best Review award

In the order submitted, the following book blogger reviews were submitted:

  1. Books, Books and More Books nominated by Portia Porter because “her reviews are intelligent, witty, to the point, elaborate and fast.”
  2. Vicki Goodwin for her review of A Heat Of The Moment Thing – nominated by Maggie LePage because the review “explained why she felt the way she did about the story and the heroine’s journey, but it was also spoiler-free.”
  3. C, the Happy Meerkat’s review of Kingston Raine and the Grim Reaper  – nominated by Jackson Leer for “the best and most awesomely detailed review I’ve ever read!” Marsha L. Ceniceros nominated the same review because it was “deeply descriptive and in good length, a short story on its own, which I appreciate when seeking a great read!”

All three bloggers are well-deserving of this award, but there could be only one winner. Who will it be? You decide:

Voting will close at 5pm Central Time on Friday, 5 August and the winner will be announced on Saturday, 6 August. Please share this post – we want the world to know about these awesome book heralds!

2016 #ComedyBookWeek Blogger Awards

The event is over and the results are in!

In addition to 117 featured books on this website, an incredible 74 reviews, interviews, guest posts, and Facebook Q&As have taken place on 28 blogs and other platforms across the week and the globe. I’m not sure of all the locations, but it’s a fact that bloggers and authors from the US, Great Britain, Australia, and India have participated. Let’s all take a moment to shake hands and slap each other on the back, as golden confetti drifts down to the sounds of “We are the champions!” (Or whatever music makes you feel like a winner. I will be cranking up DMX’s “X’s gonna give it to ya!”)

On behalf of all the participating authors, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every blogger that took the time to read and review our books, cared enough to ask us questions, stayed up late to host a Facebook event, or made their blog available for a guest post. Thank you for being the troubadours of the written word – you helped us feel that perhaps those months or even years of drafting, editing, and publishing effort were worth it.

As a reader, I would also like to thank you for shining a spotlight onto so many unusual, funny, and entertaining books. It was impossible not to download some of these gems after reading your reviews. Just think of all the other readers you’ve helped to connect with their new favourites. That alone should make you feel warm and fuzzy.

After tallying up the results, it was stunning to see just how much effort some of you contributed to the success of this event. Ladies and gentlemen, please help welcome the following #ComedyBookWeek champions:

Blogger award BRONZE

Bronze Award goes to Vicki Goodwin of Page Turner!

Please join me in thanking Vicki for reviewing an amazing four books on such short notice, her active participation on Goodreads and Twitter, and for her all-around good nature and support.

Visit Vicki’s blog to learn more about her and read her other  book reviews – she reads alot! You can also connect with Vicki on Twitter and Goodreads, where she has managed to review an astounding 563 books.

Blogger award SILVER

Silver Award goes to Ani Gonzales of Hexes and Magic, and Ghosts!

Please join me in thanking Ani for the sheer effort of reviewing four books and hosting an incredible four interviews with the authors!

Visit Hexes and Magic, and Ghosts blog to learn more about Ani and read her other  book reviews. Ani is a writer too – check out her book Must Love Ghosts: A Haunting Paranormal Romance.

Blogger award GOLD

Gold Award goes to C of Happy Meerkat Reviews!

Please join me in thanking C for reviewing an amazing five books, and actively participating on Goodreads, Twitter, and even Facebook events. She deserves a separate award for her attitude, too – the blog is called Happy Meerkat for a good reason.

Visit Happy Meerkat Reviews to learn more about her and read her other  book reviews. You can also connect with C on Twitter and Goodreads.

Special mentions are due to Matthew Drzymala for interviewing an astounding eight authors, and to Andrew Christie for gob-smacking eight live Facebook Q&A sessions with participating authors.

But that’s not all! I’ve saved the best for last. Now it’s your turn – nominate a participating blogger for the BEST BOOK REVIEW – PEOPLE’S CHOICE award.  You have until Friday, 29 July 12:00 EST to do so by providing the following in the comments below:

Best Review awardYou have until Friday, 29 July 12:00 EST to do so by providing the following in the comments below:

  1. Blogger’s name
  2. Review’s URL
  3. The reason for your nomination – in one sentence.

A poll with all nominated reviews will be posted next Saturday, 30 July, with voting open until Friday, 5 August.The winner of this soon-to-be-prestigious award will be chosen based on your votes!

You can also contribute by providing feedback on how to make this event even better in January – but please limit your comments on this particular post to the award nominations only. In just a couple of days, another post will be published, tallying up other results, such as sales, Twitter impressions, blog stats, and more. There will also be proposed improvements for the January event and an invitation for feedback.

Until then – write on!

Day 8 of #ComedyBookWeek highlights

That’s right, Day 8! Because “eight days a week”…we love comedy!

This is it, you guys! Your last chance to stuff your Kindle with the bargains from Participating Books list – some of them will go right back to their regular prices when the clock strikes twelve.

This has been a whirlwind – and it will continue tomorrow with 2016 #ComedyBookWeek Blogger Awards. All of our bloggers deserve awards for being such active, creative, intelligent, and attractive people. Alas, only three will get one of these totally awesome badges:

Blogger award GOLD Blogger award SILVER Blogger award BRONZE

If you think there should be more awards, come back in a few days for the report on how the event performed, with your suggestions on how to make it even better. This event was made for lovers of the funny, and we look to you, readers, for input.

What’s not to love in a funny book? The next one has all the ingredients of a classic romcom – a girl, a guy, and plenty of misunderstandings. Read BRMaycock’s Book Blog review of Maid for Love by Victoria Van Tiem to learn more.

Maid for Love is a romcom about a girl with big plans – namely to avoid eviction or admitting that she’s blown through Dad’s investment. Nothing a little lying couldn’t fix, right? Check out this “Maid in Manhattan” meets “Bridget Jones Diary”funny story and fall in love.

And when the love finally fades? Pick up the next book to learn what to do – it attracted the attention of not one, but two bloggers today: read C (the happy meerkat) review  and Ana Spoke’s review of Beaver vs. Beaver and interview with the author, Portia Porter to see why.

Beaver vs. Beaver is a quintessential legal comedy with a biting wit, endearing characters, and a story that will leave you reeling. It has been called “Intelligent and Hilarious!” and is sure to make you “learn something through the laughter.”

For more disbelieving face-palming, read Al Lane’s Dirty Dozen interview with Geoff Le Pard, or the author’s book Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle.

Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle is a tale of an unraveling life of one Harry Spittle, aged nineteen. Harry is home from university, expecting to be bored rigid. Instead, he has to deal with the appearance of an old family friend, his psychopathic son, and predatory wife. If that’s not bad enough, his parents’ marriage implodes, and things go from bad to worse, and then to worst. Don’t miss this “Hilarious, Complex, and Sophisticated” story that has been compared to Adrian Mole, but “more sophisticated and complex.”

The next event is quite a bundle deal: get to know not one, but FOUR of our authors as they talk about humorous books, writing comedy, and all things funny. Join Living the Laughter: Live Facebook Event with Author Q and A’s.


As the bonus, grab another opportunity to throw your most probing questions at an unsuspecting author at the FB group ‘Books and Everything’ online Q&A with M.T. McGuire, author of Escape From B-Movie Hell.

Escape From B-Movie Hell is a first-contact space opera with a psychic alien hero and an epic female hero, albeit a reluctant one.”A Cracking Good Read,” this one is worth every one of the 99 pennies. Cause it’s only $0.99. Get it? I mean, go get it already!

If you’ve enjoyed chatting with Ana Spoke at the live Q&A, check out her books while they are on sale: read Ani Gonzalez’s review of Shizzle, Inc .

Shizzle, Inc follows adventures of a “gloriously dippy” Isa Maxwell in hot pursuit of fifteen minutes of fame. Be warned: it’s a rollecoaster ride where you have to leave your assumptions about reality to enter. It has been described as a “wild and hilarious ride,” “Larger than Life, Off-Beat, Funny,” and it’s FREE!

For those who have already read Shizzle, Inc, Portia Porter will review Indiot, the second instalment in Isa Maxwell Escapades  by Ana Spoke.

After her Shizzle, Inc adventure is over, Isa finally arrives in India to play Good Samaritan to the orphans, the poor, and a wronged Indian prince. Things go from bad to perilous as she launches on a madcap romp through Delhi, trying her best to survive the criminals, corrupt cops, and mafia. Get this “over-the-top funny” wacky journey while it’s only $0.99 and FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

Ah, isn’t it great to read about someone else struggling to get their bearings in a new country? Do you wonder how the authors dream up this stuff? Then read Matthew Drzymala’s interview with Jan Hurst Nicholson, author of But Can You Drink the Water?

Follow the hilarious lives of the naïve Turner family as they emigrate from Liverpool to sunny South Africa. Laugh out loud as they encounter ‘crocodiles’ on the wall, strange African customs and unintelligible Afrikaans accents. Cringe with them as their visiting in-laws embarrass them in front of their new SA friends.

If you enjoyed Educating Rita and Shirley Valentine, pick up this “Promising family saga”and the Runner-up in the Peter Pook Humorous Novel Competition!

And finally, here’s your very last chance to enter these giveaways!

Few Are Chosen

Escape From B-Movie Hell

Shizzle, Inc


Can You Stiff Your Divorce Lawyer?

Beaver vs. Beaver: a legal comedy

Day 7 of #ComedyBookWeek highlights

Wow, what a crazy week, and there’s still more to come! I finally had to close the event to new authors, after the Participating Books list reached 117 and it all became too much. But fear not – click on the “For Authors” or “For Bloggers” tab above to sign up for the appropriate mailing list. You won’t want to miss the announcement on when the intake will open for the January 2017 event.

Crazy can be good, though. My own grandma was a psychiatric nurse, and she often talked about how pointless it was to “cure” the happy mental patients and wake them up to the grim reality of their lives. One of her patients, a badly abused, lonely woman, “had a baby” every single morning and could not wait to show off the “new arrival” to the nurses. Who would have the heart to convince her otherwise?

Luckily, you don’t have to check into a mental institution to at least temporarily escape the reality – just pick up a good book. A good, funny book would be even better. And, hey – how about a good, funny book about a mental institution? Read FB group ‘Books and Everything’ online Q&A  with Isa Lee-Wolf, author of Aunty Ida’s Full-Service Mental Institution, to see what I mean.

Aunty Ida’s Full-Service Mental Institution is “wildly inventive” and original – a novel about a judge who lost it on the national TV and is now determined to prove she was set up. Oh, and an optimistic weirdo determined to cure judge’s problems, one odd treatment at a time. Reviewers have called it “completely unique” and “absolutely brilliant.” Read the preview and see what you think!

In some cases, a short stint in the mental ward could seem like a vacation. I hear you could even be called “Your Majesty” there if you so desired. Maybe that’s what Amy Koko should have done – read Ana Spoke’s review of There’s Been a Change of Plans and you will see what I mean.

There’s Been a Change of Plans is a witty memoir by a woman who is blindsided by the shock of her life – her cheating husband’s admission. Follow her on the rollecoaster ride through divorce, dating, and dealing with her delinquent children. With remarkable 5-star average from 31 reviews, this “Heartbreakingly hilarious and humbling” book is not one to miss!

Grr, those cheating spouses! Revenge them by leaving and living the happiest life you can – Chump Lady aka Tracy Schorn, the author of Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life, can help you plan that.  Read Portia Porter’s interview with the author and review of this watershed book.

Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life is a no-nonsense self-help guide for anyone who has ever been cheated on. This advice is not aimed at saving your relationship after infidelity—instead, it’s all about saving your sanity. ALL 97 reviewers have given it 5 stars – this book really is a “Must read for betrayed spouses!”

Another way to deal with middle life’s various crises is to accept them with grace. Or, if not, write a funny book about them. Read Matthew Drzymala’s interview with A. J. Goode, author of Fat, Fifty, and Menopausal for more insight into menopause, sensible shoes, reentering the dating game, mature sex, speeding tickets, and trying to master modern technology.

Fat, Fifty, and Menopausal is a collection of essays on hot flashes, weight gain, dating after fifty, and more; it confronts middle age with amusement and brutal honesty. Hurry – this “Funny, true, and well-written” book is now $0.99, but only for a limited time!

Of course, for some people, even death itself is no obstacle, as revealed in C (the happy meerkat) review of Kingston Raine and the Grim Reaper by Jackson Lear.

Kingston Raine and the Grim Reaper is a book about…well, those two characters. The Grim Reaper finds himself confronted with his most challenging death ever: that of Kingston Raine, an industrial thief and all-around smartass. Reviewers have called it “Delightfully entertaining” and “one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.” You know what’s even more delightful? It’s price, or lack thereof – the book is currently FREE!

Hell would seem like a cakewalk compared to the troubles found in Diamante Lavendar’s review of  Zen Queen by Kirsty McManus.

In Zen Queen, Jess Harper finds herself wrongfully fired, abandoned and broke in a country where she doesn’t speak the language – Japan. She embarks on an adventure to clear her name and rebuild her life in this “zensational” and “sweet” read.

If you’re craving more stories about the misfortunes of hapless girls stuck in foreign countries, then read Ani Gonzalez’s interview with Ana Spoke, author of Indiot.

Indiot is the second installment in Isa Maxwell Escapades. After her Shizzle, Inc adventure is over, Isa finally arrives in India to play Good Samaritan to the orphans, the poor, and a wronged Indian prince. Things go from bad to perilous as she launches on a madcap romp through Delhi. Get this “over-the-top funny” wacky journey while it’s only $0.99 and FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

What about hapless girls in…SPACE? You’re in luck – Al Lane’s Dirty Dozen interview with J.J. Green, author of Mission Improbable will shed some light on the first book in the light-hearted, fast-paced Carrie Hatchett Space Adventures series.

Mission Improbable is a hilarious sci-fi about a woman who has to succeed at her new job – the fate of the entire galaxy depends on it. The book has been described as “Scully and Mulder on acid” and “Delightful romp through space.” Best of all, it’s currently FREE!

Oh, you don’t believe in aliens…how about monsters, then? Darlene Foster’s review of Kelpie Dreams by Steve Vernon should be a monstrous fun indeed.

Kelpie Dreams is a funny, action-packed, paranormal romance novel for folks who HATE to read romance novels. When the ex-assassin-come-high-school-librarian has to take on a Sea Hag—eight legs of Godzilla-ugly poured into a bucket full of meanness, you know you’re in for some crazy fun. Reviewers have called it “A strange and wonderful tale” and “A fantastic fantasy journey” – don’t miss it!