#ComedyBookWeek Banner Design Competition is open!

PLEASE NOTE: due to an illness, all CBW activities are temporarily suspended. I apologise for this inconvenience and will advise when everything is back on track as soon as possible (hopefully in 2-3 weeks).



As we are getting ready to open doors for the Winter 2017 #ComedyBookWeek, it’s time to spruce up our image. We were lucky with the last event to have Kirsty McManus, author of Zen Queen, volunteer her time and design skills to create the current banner.


By default, this banner is now the first entry in the design competition, winner of which will be judged by you, authors and bloggers. What will the winner receive?

  1. The fame of having designed the new image for an international event;
  2. Exposure during the competition, voting, and a dedicated post announcing the winner, which will be shared on social media to an estimated 500,000 followers (via shared author and blogger networks);
  3. $50USD prize;
  4. Ad banner of their choosing in side panel of this website from the day of award until the close of the next event on 22 January 2017.

Entries for the competition are open until 31 August 2016, 5.pm Central Time, but you can submit your design at any time – the images will be added to this post as they are submitted, in the order received. A new post with a voting poll will be posted on 1 September and will be open for votes for 1 week, until the winner is announced on 8 September.

Any designer is welcome to apply – please read carefully below for the details on how to submit your design for the competition:

  1. Design should reflect the nature of this event, which brings together authors, bloggers, and lovers of funny books. We are looking for clever, quirky, funny, bold, eye-catching, and stunning designs!
  2. Design image should include the following information (in any combination): #ComedyBookWeek; Winter 2017; 16-22 July; we take funny seriously.
  3. Design must be completed in one of the Adobe suite applications (Photoshop preferred), but submitted as JPEG (winner agrees to submit the design file – see disclaimer below).
  4.  JPEG size: 1188 × 240 pixels, high resolution. Canvas in your design file can be larger, as long as the same proportions are maintained.
  5. Email your submission to ana.spoke (AT) yahoo.com, including the following details about the designer (to be published alongside the submission):
    1. Designer’s name;
    2. Designer’s website: name and URL;
    3. Designer’s pitch (what is your specialty, what services do you offer, etc. This is your promotional opportunity).

Your submission will be added to this page along with your information and the link to your website – don’t miss this free promotional opportunity!

Disclaimer: by the virtue of submitting the design for this competition, the winner of this competition agrees to transfer ownership of the design and the origonal design file to #ComedyBookWeek for the sum of $50USD. #ComedyBookWeek reserves the right to alter design elements (event dates) and use the image or parts thereof in perpetuity to promote any future #ComedyBookWeek events. Other designers retain rights to their respective images, but agree to have their submissions used in social media promotion of the design competition.

CURRENT SUBMISSIONS (in the order received):

  1. Current banner by Kirsty McManus, author of Zen Queen.humor_book
  2. Design #1 by Bryan Caron of Phoenix Moirai. Phoenix Moirai is the creative genius behind all of your graphic design, writing and videography needs. Our specialty is in quality, stunning print design, but with over 12 years of experience in all creative mediums, we also offer services in website design, illustration, motion graphics, editing & promotional products with a focus on quality over quantity. No matter your creative endeavors, creation begins with Phoenix Moirai.CBW Banner_Bryan Caron (1)
  3. Design #2 by Bryan Caron of Phoenix MoiraiComicBookWeekBanner1

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