Congratulations to the winner of 2016 #ComedyBookWeek People’s Choice Award!

The results are in – please put your hands together for Pirate Patty of Books, Books and More Books, who will be taking home the last award of this year’s event, People’s Choice Best Book Review:

Best Review award

Pirate Patty was nominated by Portia Porter because “her reviews are intelligent, witty, to the point, elaborate and fast.” Mysterious Patty, known to us only by her gorgeous blonde hair, is a voracious reader of thrillers, mysteries, paranormal, and classics. Lucky for us, authors, she’s also a prolific reviewer – have a look on her website for her past reviews and TBR list.

On behalf of #ComedyBookWeek participating authors, I would like to once again thank all bloggers who have participated in this year’s event. It was a mad, exhilarating ride, and we look forward to an even bigger splash in January – the intake for authors will open in just a few days. Be on a lookout for the improved website, more streamlined submission process, more books, more awards, and more fun!

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