2016 #ComedyBookWeek Blogger Awards

The event is over and the results are in!

In addition to 117 featured books on this website, an incredible 74 reviews, interviews, guest posts, and Facebook Q&As have taken place on 28 blogs and other platforms across the week and the globe. I’m not sure of all the locations, but it’s a fact that bloggers and authors from the US, Great Britain, Australia, and India have participated. Let’s all take a moment to shake hands and slap each other on the back, as golden confetti drifts down to the sounds of “We are the champions!” (Or whatever music makes you feel like a winner. I will be cranking up DMX’s “X’s gonna give it to ya!”)

On behalf of all the participating authors, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every blogger that took the time to read and review our books, cared enough to ask us questions, stayed up late to host a Facebook event, or made their blog available for a guest post. Thank you for being the troubadours of the written word – you helped us feel that perhaps those months or even years of drafting, editing, and publishing effort were worth it.

As a reader, I would also like to thank you for shining a spotlight onto so many unusual, funny, and entertaining books. It was impossible not to download some of these gems after reading your reviews. Just think of all the other readers you’ve helped to connect with their new favourites. That alone should make you feel warm and fuzzy.

After tallying up the results, it was stunning to see just how much effort some of you contributed to the success of this event. Ladies and gentlemen, please help welcome the following #ComedyBookWeek champions:

Blogger award BRONZE

Bronze Award goes to Vicki Goodwin of Page Turner!

Please join me in thanking Vicki for reviewing an amazing four books on such short notice, her active participation on Goodreads and Twitter, and for her all-around good nature and support.

Visit Vicki’s blog to learn more about her and read her other  book reviews – she reads alot! You can also connect with Vicki on Twitter and Goodreads, where she has managed to review an astounding 563 books.

Blogger award SILVER

Silver Award goes to Ani Gonzales of Hexes and Magic, and Ghosts!

Please join me in thanking Ani for the sheer effort of reviewing four books and hosting an incredible four interviews with the authors!

Visit Hexes and Magic, and Ghosts blog to learn more about Ani and read her other  book reviews. Ani is a writer too – check out her book Must Love Ghosts: A Haunting Paranormal Romance.

Blogger award GOLD

Gold Award goes to C of Happy Meerkat Reviews!

Please join me in thanking C for reviewing an amazing five books, and actively participating on Goodreads, Twitter, and even Facebook events. She deserves a separate award for her attitude, too – the blog is called Happy Meerkat for a good reason.

Visit Happy Meerkat Reviews to learn more about her and read her other  book reviews. You can also connect with C on Twitter and Goodreads.

Special mentions are due to Matthew Drzymala for interviewing an astounding eight authors, and to Andrew Christie for gob-smacking eight live Facebook Q&A sessions with participating authors.

But that’s not all! I’ve saved the best for last. Now it’s your turn – nominate a participating blogger for the BEST BOOK REVIEW – PEOPLE’S CHOICE award.  You have until Friday, 29 July 12:00 EST to do so by providing the following in the comments below:

Best Review awardYou have until Friday, 29 July 12:00 EST to do so by providing the following in the comments below:

  1. Blogger’s name
  2. Review’s URL
  3. The reason for your nomination – in one sentence.

A poll with all nominated reviews will be posted next Saturday, 30 July, with voting open until Friday, 5 August.The winner of this soon-to-be-prestigious award will be chosen based on your votes!

You can also contribute by providing feedback on how to make this event even better in January – but please limit your comments on this particular post to the award nominations only. In just a couple of days, another post will be published, tallying up other results, such as sales, Twitter impressions, blog stats, and more. There will also be proposed improvements for the January event and an invitation for feedback.

Until then – write on!

34 thoughts on “2016 #ComedyBookWeek Blogger Awards

    1. Thank you for staging this amazing week, all those who I interviewed and for those who interviewed or reviewed me.

      Well done to all above who won an award, fabulous stuff. Everybody who tool part is a winner. Amazing, brilliant people, every one of you 😀

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you so much Matt! It was very difficult to decide who should win, in the end I chose to give more weight to reviews – as an author, you can appreciate that they take so much more time and effort, and are worth gold to authors. I was truly amazed when I finished the spreadsheet with results and saw on one page all the effort by so many people – and on such short notice, too! Thanks again.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Gutted to have missed all this. It looks awesome! I’ve taken my eye off the ball these past few weeks – the busiest time of the year for my (non writing) business, but definitely count me in for the next one. Assuming of course I’m back from my holidays in time. (India, Ana. India.)

    Great job everyone. 🙂


  2. A gold award? Oh wow thank you so much! ❤ 🙂 . You should get a gold or even platinum award for putting together #ComedyBookWeek Ana. It's been amazing and it's certainly made me a fan of the comedy genre where before I'd barely read anything funny.
    Thank you again, you're so kind and so many people have done so much more than me so I can't believe you've given me the gold :). I can't wait for January's event, it should be amazing and hopefully even bigger than this one was :D!
    Well done to everyone who took part and special thank yous to all the authors for being so kind in sending out review copies and also for having many books discounted or free during #CBW. I hope everyone's books get noticed and until January best wishes to everyone 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 3 people

    1. It was very difficult to decide how to award the gold, etc, but I finally decided to apply the point system that I’m about to introduce, in which a book review is 5 points, and interview or other event is 1 point. It’s meant to reflect the fact that 1) it takes more time and effort to review a book and 2) reviews is what authors really want and need. So thanks again, and you’ve won it fair and square!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. With a points system like that I could imagine next time lots of bloggers clambering to do as many reviews as possible, lol :). But seriously I’m happy to help, it’s been a really great week and I hope it helped all the authors boost their sales a little. If you need any help with planning or organising the next one just give me a nudge I’m very happy to help in any way I can 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I don’t mind being a part of this ‘comittee’ if you wanted me to. But the crucial thing is to get somewhere where we can all talk about this and it should be with people who can reply often. There are so many people who now belong to the goodreads group yet hardly any post. I could start a thread there about bringing ideas together for next time but if there’s anywhere else you can think of where people meet more often I’m open to joining in anywhere 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Actually that might not be a bad idea. And you can approve members (apparently) so the committee won’t be filled with people who won’t be helpful. I’m thinking of those weird people who sometimes frequent social media lol 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Sorry for any typos, I’m on my phone, but I started a thread on the good reads group about ideas. I was thinking we could still have that fb group and I can start putting all the ideas coming in on a list. Btw I think Vicki will win the award, she’s got a lot if support for her reviews, and why not they are great :). Maybe next time there’ll be a greater competition for badges and I definitely think authors should be up for some awards too.


  3. All the awards were well deserved and it’s been fantastic having the opportunity to read some great books (and interviews and reviews). Looking forward to the next one 🙂 Congratulations Ana! Great event 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Posting on behalf of Maggie LePage who is having troubles with posting:

    “I’d like to nominate Vicki Goodwin for her review of A Heat Of The Moment Thing. Full disclosure: I wrote this book. Obviously, as an author I was delighted with the review – but as I reader I was even more delighted because it was an in-depth review that explained why she felt the way she did about the story and the heroine’s journey, but it was also spoiler-free. Yay for that! New readers can still discover it all for themselves! Thanks so much, Vicki :)”

    Liked by 2 people

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