Day 7 of #ComedyBookWeek highlights

Wow, what a crazy week, and there’s still more to come! I finally had to close the event to new authors, after the Participating Books list reached 117 and it all became too much. But fear not – click on the “For Authors” or “For Bloggers” tab above to sign up for the appropriate mailing list. You won’t want to miss the announcement on when the intake will open for the January 2017 event.

Crazy can be good, though. My own grandma was a psychiatric nurse, and she often talked about how pointless it was to “cure” the happy mental patients and wake them up to the grim reality of their lives. One of her patients, a badly abused, lonely woman, “had a baby” every single morning and could not wait to show off the “new arrival” to the nurses. Who would have the heart to convince her otherwise?

Luckily, you don’t have to check into a mental institution to at least temporarily escape the reality – just pick up a good book. A good, funny book would be even better. And, hey – how about a good, funny book about a mental institution? Read FB group ‘Books and Everything’ online Q&A  with Isa Lee-Wolf, author of Aunty Ida’s Full-Service Mental Institution, to see what I mean.

Aunty Ida’s Full-Service Mental Institution is “wildly inventive” and original – a novel about a judge who lost it on the national TV and is now determined to prove she was set up. Oh, and an optimistic weirdo determined to cure judge’s problems, one odd treatment at a time. Reviewers have called it “completely unique” and “absolutely brilliant.” Read the preview and see what you think!

In some cases, a short stint in the mental ward could seem like a vacation. I hear you could even be called “Your Majesty” there if you so desired. Maybe that’s what Amy Koko should have done – read Ana Spoke’s review of There’s Been a Change of Plans and you will see what I mean.

There’s Been a Change of Plans is a witty memoir by a woman who is blindsided by the shock of her life – her cheating husband’s admission. Follow her on the rollecoaster ride through divorce, dating, and dealing with her delinquent children. With remarkable 5-star average from 31 reviews, this “Heartbreakingly hilarious and humbling” book is not one to miss!

Grr, those cheating spouses! Revenge them by leaving and living the happiest life you can – Chump Lady aka Tracy Schorn, the author of Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life, can help you plan that.  Read Portia Porter’s interview with the author and review of this watershed book.

Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life is a no-nonsense self-help guide for anyone who has ever been cheated on. This advice is not aimed at saving your relationship after infidelity—instead, it’s all about saving your sanity. ALL 97 reviewers have given it 5 stars – this book really is a “Must read for betrayed spouses!”

Another way to deal with middle life’s various crises is to accept them with grace. Or, if not, write a funny book about them. Read Matthew Drzymala’s interview with A. J. Goode, author of Fat, Fifty, and Menopausal for more insight into menopause, sensible shoes, reentering the dating game, mature sex, speeding tickets, and trying to master modern technology.

Fat, Fifty, and Menopausal is a collection of essays on hot flashes, weight gain, dating after fifty, and more; it confronts middle age with amusement and brutal honesty. Hurry – this “Funny, true, and well-written” book is now $0.99, but only for a limited time!

Of course, for some people, even death itself is no obstacle, as revealed in C (the happy meerkat) review of Kingston Raine and the Grim Reaper by Jackson Lear.

Kingston Raine and the Grim Reaper is a book about…well, those two characters. The Grim Reaper finds himself confronted with his most challenging death ever: that of Kingston Raine, an industrial thief and all-around smartass. Reviewers have called it “Delightfully entertaining” and “one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.” You know what’s even more delightful? It’s price, or lack thereof – the book is currently FREE!

Hell would seem like a cakewalk compared to the troubles found in Diamante Lavendar’s review of  Zen Queen by Kirsty McManus.

In Zen Queen, Jess Harper finds herself wrongfully fired, abandoned and broke in a country where she doesn’t speak the language – Japan. She embarks on an adventure to clear her name and rebuild her life in this “zensational” and “sweet” read.

If you’re craving more stories about the misfortunes of hapless girls stuck in foreign countries, then read Ani Gonzalez’s interview with Ana Spoke, author of Indiot.

Indiot is the second installment in Isa Maxwell Escapades. After her Shizzle, Inc adventure is over, Isa finally arrives in India to play Good Samaritan to the orphans, the poor, and a wronged Indian prince. Things go from bad to perilous as she launches on a madcap romp through Delhi. Get this “over-the-top funny” wacky journey while it’s only $0.99 and FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

What about hapless girls in…SPACE? You’re in luck – Al Lane’s Dirty Dozen interview with J.J. Green, author of Mission Improbable will shed some light on the first book in the light-hearted, fast-paced Carrie Hatchett Space Adventures series.

Mission Improbable is a hilarious sci-fi about a woman who has to succeed at her new job – the fate of the entire galaxy depends on it. The book has been described as “Scully and Mulder on acid” and “Delightful romp through space.” Best of all, it’s currently FREE!

Oh, you don’t believe in aliens…how about monsters, then? Darlene Foster’s review of Kelpie Dreams by Steve Vernon should be a monstrous fun indeed.

Kelpie Dreams is a funny, action-packed, paranormal romance novel for folks who HATE to read romance novels. When the ex-assassin-come-high-school-librarian has to take on a Sea Hag—eight legs of Godzilla-ugly poured into a bucket full of meanness, you know you’re in for some crazy fun. Reviewers have called it “A strange and wonderful tale” and “A fantastic fantasy journey” – don’t miss it!

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