Day 6 of #ComedyBookWeek highlights

How do I love thee, #ComedyBookWeek? Let me count the ways…

First off, you’ve brought together authors and book bloggers. There’s so much love on webpages all over the Internet, so many people discovering new authors or even genres, that alone makes the event worth it.

Furthermore, you are giving those authors and bloggers much-needed exposure. Forget about being too rich or too thin – you can never have too much publicity.

And finally, you’ve proven that laughter can be found in most unexpected places…birthday parties, graveyards, corporate offices, and even divorce court.

Wait, did I just say “divorce court?” Yep, that’s right –  Jam (Leaves et Livres) review of Can You stiff Your Divorce Lawyer by Portia Porter will prove just that.

Can You stiff Your Divorce Lawyer is a mix of cautionary tales, inside information, and elaborate tongue-in-cheek instructions, that exposes the achilles heel of the legal profession: if you don’t want to pay your lawyers, there is little they can do about it. This hilarious instruction manual for grifters should be required reading for any law student, and for anyone contemplating divorce litigation. Reviewers are unanimous: “Unfortunately, they don’t teach this in law school. They should!”

There’s silver lining in divorce, like having a bed all to yourself and there’s silver lining in death, too. Mostly for those that inherit the dead people’s stuff. Unless, of course, the inheritance comes with caveats, as it does in Chez Stinky, written by Susan Daffron. Read her guest Post on Rosa Temple’s blog to find out more.

Chez Stinky is a feel-good novel about a woman who inherits something unexpected from her aunt: four dogs and five cats, plus the house that smells like a barn. If you love quirky animal stories and the FREE price tag, you must pick up this one! After all, 410 reviewers can’t be wrong about this “Great love story between boy and girl and their four-legged children.”

Death can be hilarious for other reasons, too – imagine if Grim Reaper needed you more than you did him? Wait, that doesn’t sound right. What if The Afterlife depended on you? Ah, forget it – just ask Jackson Lear himself about his book Kingston Raine and the Grim Reaper at FB group ‘Books and Everything’ online Q&A .

Kingston Raine and the Grim Reaper is a book about…well, those two characters. The Grim Reaper finds himself confronted with his most challenging death ever: that of Kingston Raine, an industrial thief and all-around smartass. Reviewers have called it “Delightfully entertaining” and “one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.” You know what’s even more delightful? It’s price, or lack thereof – the book is currently FREE!

Hope that got your questions about Hell sorted out. Still have questions about Heaven? Then read Matt Drzymala’s interview with Steve Vernon, author of close to a bazillion books. We have already featured Kelpie Dreams, but he’s also written an intriguing number called Uncle Bob’s Red Flannel Bible Camp – From Eden to the Ark.

Uncle Bob’s Red Flannel Bible Camp tells the same Bible stories you already know,  with only a few lies sprinkled in for interest’s sake. “I laughed until I cried.” say reviewers. Some go as far as to suggest that “Jeff Foxworthy REALLY should have written the introduction.” Look under your seat cushion for some change – it’s not only a hoot, it’s a steal at $0.99!

Did you like Uncle Bob? Want to meet another unconventional priest? Read Steve Vernon’s interview with Matt Drzymala, author of Bumpkinton Tales.

Last Christmas is the first Bumpkinton story, a short prelude to the Bumpkinton novella, Bittersweet. This is a feel-good story with a pinch of pathos, about the most eventful Christmas for Father Whitworth O’Grady.  This “sweet tale” is short and, indeed, sweet, but best of all – it’s FREE!

You know who won’t get into Afterlife? Zombies, of course! For an unexpected zombie attack, wander deeper into the woods with Hans & Greta at Nancee Cain Romance with a Serrated Edge.

Hans & Greta is a novella that reimagines the well-known story. It has been called “An unexpected & wicked lil’ treat” and “fun hike through the creepy woods.” Have a look – it’s now only $0.99!

You know who else is stuck here with us? Ghosts. And thank God for that, or whomever decided it would be fun to make some people hang around well past their due time. Read Ani Gonzalez’s review Haunt Flashes by Leigh Selfman and see if you agree.

Haunt Flashes is a novella about a struggling screenwriter and a suave, 1940’s movie star ghost. It’s a clean, romcom/cozy mystery that has been called “different” and “charming.” Take a chance on it while it’s just $0.99!

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