Day 4 of #ComedyBookWeek highlights

Who’s feeling lucky this week? I know I am, so I’ve entered all of the giveaways below, and you can too – win paper copies of some of the participating books:

Few Are Chosen

Escape From B-Movie Hell

Shizzle, Inc


Can You Stiff Your Divorce Lawyer?

Beaver vs. Beaver: a legal comedy

Have you overloaded on comedy yet? No? Then look through 107 Participating Books. Yes, I could not help but count them again. Who knew there are so many funny books and authors out there, in just about every genre? I certainly did not expect sci-fi, murder, or lawsuits to be funny, but now there’s evidence.

Speaking of evidence, please direct your attention to Exhibit A: FB group ‘Books and Everything’ online Q&A with Frankie Bow, author of Musubi Murder. I told you, murder CAN be funny!

Musubi Murder is a cozy mystery set in a beautiful island of Hawaii. It is filled with humor and a satisfying dose of sarcasm, just right for the lovers of Dorothy Parker, Sarah Caudwell, P.G. Wodehouse, and E.F. Benson’s Mapp and Lucia stories. It has been called “A welcome departure from the usual” and “a winner!”

Scared yet? No? Then imagine having to host the 100th birthday party for your great grandfather and read Rosa Temple’s review of How To Cook Up A Disaster by Rachel Elizabeth Cole.

How To Cook Up A Disaster is a novella about a domestically challenged Sadie, determined to make her first-ever dinner party a success despite the odds, and maybe to land Mr. Right, too. It’s been called “funny and charming” and is only $0.99!

Misfortunes galore in #ComedyBookWeek – just read Matthew Drzymala’s interview with Nick Temple, author of What Must We Do To Be Adored? and Could You Possibly Explain ‘Nice’?

Could You Possibly Explain ‘Nice’? is a feel-good,  laugh out loud comic novella about misadventures of two blundering social inadequates. It’s the first in the series, and is only $0.99 – be the first to review this book!

But wait! We are not done with funny death yet! Well, not death, but coma. Funny, funny coma…Read Ani Gonzalez review of Mind If I Come In by K.L. Phelps.

Mind if I Come In is the first book in the Kat Parker paranormal cozy mystery series, about a woman who suddenly develops the ability to communicate with comatose people. It has been called a “highly entertaining,” “good, fast read,” and “Stephanie Plum, yet funnier!” It couldn’t get any better, except it does – it’s currently FREE!

For even more comatose fun, read Vicki Goodwin of The Page Turner review The Trouble with Dying by Maggie Le Page.

The Trouble with Dying is a romantic mystery about a woman in a coma, desperately wishing for a second chance at life. It has been called “magic” and “a real pleasure.”

Speaking of second chances, Karen Tomsovic reviewed Saved by the Celebutante by Kirsty McManus.

Saved by the Celebutante is a novel about a woman who learns an earth-shattering secret about her husband and is forced to put her life on hold. It’s been called “bright, witty, pick-yourself-up-feel good rom com” with “Just the right amount of sizzle and heart!”

For even more romcom fun, read Rumer Haven’s Rumer Has It… review of When It Hooks You by Nicki Elson.

When It Hooks You is a story about what should have been a fling between a twenty-seven year old receptionist who just wants to keep things light and fun, and a world-traveling businessman. It’s been called “entertaining, light reading,” “fun,” and “Not just your typical romance novel.”


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