Day 3 of #ComedyBookWeek highlights

It keeps getting better! I might as well stop counting all the books on offer – but you might want to peruse the latest additions to the now 100+ participating books! As almost-Christopher Walken says below, maybe you’ll discover a new muse!

Day 3 is huge – the train that is #ComedyBookWeek is picking up speed!

First, we have Rosa Temple’s interview with Ana Spoke, author of Shizzle, Inc.

Shizzle, Inc follows adventures of a “gloriously dippy” Isa Maxwell in hot pursuit of fifteen minutes of fame. It has been described as a “wild and hilarious ride,” “Larger than Life, Off-Beat, Funny,” and it’s FREE!

For the taste of a sci-fi, read C (the happy meerkat) review of Mission Improbable: Space Adventurer #1 by Carrie Hatchett.

Mission Improbable is Book One in the light-hearted, fast-paced Carrie Hatchett Space Adventures series. It has been described as “Scully and Mulder on acid” and “Delightful romp through space.” Best of all, it’s currently FREE!

Matt Drzymala’s interview with MT McGuire, author of Few Are Chosen.

Few Are Chosen is  a British comedy about the parallel universe where the bad guys, Grongles, are waiting for someone to pass a series of tests and be CHOSEN as the legitimate long-term ruler. This epic science fiction novel has been called “addictive” and noted that it ” should be bookmarked for life.” And guess what – it’s FREE!

Next we have a combo-punch of Kirsty McManus review of Mind if I Come In? by  K.L. Phelps and interview with the author. It is followed by the right hook of Ani Gonzalez interview with K.L. Phelps. Between those two, no question should be left unanswered!

Mind if I Come In is the first book in the Kat Parker paranormal cozy mystery series, about a woman who suddenly develops the ability to communicate with comatose people. It has been called a “highly entertaining,” “good, fast read,” and “Stephanie Plum, yet funnier!” It couldn’t get any better, except it does – it’s currently FREE!

Romcom – it could happen to you! Read Jennifer Lane Books  review of When It Hooks You  and then visit Juneta Key’s Author Spotlight for an interview with the author, Nicki Elson.

When It Hooks You is a story about what should have been a fling between a twenty-seven year old receptionist who just wants to keep things light and fun, and a world-traveling businessman. It’s been called “entertaining, light reading,” “fun,” and “Not just your typical romance novel.”

For more in-depth look into a mind of a comedy writer, join FB group ‘Books and Everything’ online Q&A with Adam Rabinowitz, author of Garage Band.

Garage Band is a comedy that has nothing to do with music and everything to do with getting even. It has been called “raw, gutsy and entertaining” and “A dose of Robert P. Parker, a shot of Carl Hiaasen, and a smidgeon of Donald E. Westlake.”

Nicki Elson of Not-So-Deep Thoughts will interview Karen Tomsovic, author of Heart Throbs and Spare Me The Drama.

Heart Throbs is a brand-spanking-new release romcom about New York actress torn between  the life she says she’s always wanted and an even brighter future. Get it while it is only $0.99 and be the first to review it!

Did you see the preview of How To Stiff Your Lawyer yesterday? For more lawyer-stiffing tricks, disguised as a comedy, read Vicki Goodwin of The Page Turner review Beaver vs. Beaver by Portia Porter, Esq. It will make you think twice about the plight of the legal profession!

Beaver vs. Beaver is a quintessential legal comedy with a biting wit, endearing characters, and a story that will leave you reeling. It has been called “Intelligent and Hilarious!” and is sure to make you “learn something through the laughter.”

Jam (Leaves et Livres) interview with Barb Taub, author of Do Not Wash Hands in Plates.

Do Not Wash Hands in Plates is the story of three women eating their way across India in search of adventure, elephants, temples, palaces, western toilets, monkeys, the perfect paratha…and the kindness of Indian strangers. Reviewers have called it “A fun trip with friends, elephants, food and more food” and “a book to brighten the darkest day.” Don’t miss it while it’s only $0.99!

Finally, welcome Syeda of This Is My Life – she has posted her first-ever author interview with Matthew Drzymala, author of The Bumpkinton Tales.

The Bumpkinton Tales Volume 1 is a collection of humorous short stories and novellas, packed with colorful characters. It has been called ” sensitive and comic” and is currently offered for just $0.99!

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