Welcome to #ComedyBookWeek!

Just a couple of weeks left until #ComedyBookWeek goes live on 16 July, and already 60 authors and 70 books are participating. Many of the books below will be discounted or free during the week of 16-23 July, so don’t miss your chance to discover a fresh, new, funny book and perhaps a favorite new author.

If you are interested in reviewing any of the books below, please contact the author directly using their social media contacts, for a free review copy. You can also approach any participating author for an interview.

Once you’ve planned an “event” (a book review, interview, or a guest post), please do the following:

  1. Let me know, so that I can add it to Calendar of Events,
  2. Make sure to use #ComedyBookWeek in your post,
  3. Use the hashtag in any Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook ads of the post – we will be retweeting all posts with the hashtag during the week of 16-23 July!
  4. Use this graphic wherever and whenever you can:humor_book

And now, for the books. Click on the image to visit the book’s Amazon page, to read the blurb or author’s bio.

Please let me know if you’re an author and would like to add your funny book to this list.

14 thoughts on “Welcome to #ComedyBookWeek!

  1. Ana, is it still possible to add a book? If so, I’d like to add my romcom, Heart Throbs. It launches on July 15. I don’t have a huge social media presence, but I’d love to do a review of another author’s book.

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  2. My book is funny in places, in a quirky British way (according to what reviewers have said, anyway), but is not a laugh-a-minute. Would love to add it, but some people might not get my humour at all. They might even find the aliens in it quite scary! It’s meant to be a tongue-in-cheek take on 60’s sci-fi B-movies.
    I think this comedy week is a great idea and it will be great fun checking out the entries, as I feel in need of a good laugh 😀 The UK is a grim place to live, just now D:

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    1. Hi, Sarah, it sounds funny, so please send me url links of the book and your social media. Humor is subjective, so it’s guaranteed that some people won’t get it, but if it’s meant to be humor, then it qualifies.

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      1. Hi, Ana, the trouble is, I haven’t ever had my bookt in the humour category, even though I laughed out loud in places whilst writing it. But I’m the one who used to laugh in the cinema in sci-fi films that were meant to be scary; especially when the monster appeared, which was OTT and not in the least bit frightening. Once I got thrown out of the cinema with my geeky boyfriend at the time, as we couldn’t stop laughing. So, I might get thrown out of your event, too, when people vote with their feet that my book isn’t funny at all. Perhaps you ought to have a glance at “Look inside” and see what you think.
        Re my urls. I’ll give you my US and UK one, as there are more reviews on the latter, if you want to read what people have to say. As you will see from the US site, I’m having difficulty getting the Americans to bite, but I haven’t been doing much marketing of late. My intention is to do a five-day KDP freebie slot just before I bring my next book out. Social media-wise, I keep my Facebook a/c for private sharing, but have a Twitter and a Linkedin a/c for public stuff.

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      2. Hi, Sarah, I just added your book and you should have gotten a tweet from me. In my opinion, your book fits into a humor category, and you can’t please everyone, since humor is so subjective. I might even write a post on the subject of this subjectivity…

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      3. Hi, Ana, thanks for that. I agree with you about humour being subjective, and a post about it would be an excellent idea. (Note how stubborn I am about sticking with my Brit spellings — ha, no to “humor”!).

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